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Garage Storage Cabinets of Northern New England has been in business since 2003 is a locally owned and operated company providing honest and reliable Cabinetry throughout Windham, as well as the greater Boston area.
Because Garage Storage Cabinets of Northern New England is committed to delivering quality results . . . we hold the belief that honesty, clear communication, and complete transparency are the essential ingredients to any successful business/client relationship.
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Determining the purpose of the space and surveying the customer’s storage needs. Measuring, designing, and pricing of the job by designing cabinet configurations to fit customer needs and maximize storage utility.


Fitting up cement walls so that the Gear wall system can be installed. Also painting and sheet rock repairs to walls and ceilings. Electrical work can be sub-contracted by a licensed electrician. Minor floor repairs, to prepare for the modular flooring system.


Resizing work bench tops to fit any space. Installing trim on windows and doors. Building custom wooden kayak racks.


Installing wall and track systems for cabinet and wall accessories. Assembly and placement of cabinet systems. Installation of modular tile floors with custom finished trim work to cement sills.

Clean up and haul away of all job related debris. Efficient return and replacement of any defective products, as needed.